2023: I See Revolution in Nigeria, Not Election, Says Cleric

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Ahead of the 2023 general election, a cleric of The Last Day Church of God has called on Nigerians to pray against revolution in the country.

He particularly called on Christians and ministers of God to go into fervent prayers, noting that he sees a revolution and not election in 2023.

The cleric, known as Prophet Coming of the Lord, gave the revelation yesterday while speaking to journalists at his residence in Otokutu near Warri, Delta State, saying the lord revealed so many things in an encounter on his recent sojourn to a prayer mountain, stressing that the 2023 election will be tough.

He emphasised on the need for genuine Christians to embark on serious prayers to avert a revolution that will be worse than the #EndSARS protest, adding that many people will die as a result of “that mother of revolution that will come before, during or immediately after the 2023 elections.

“Nigerians, I am not seeing any election taking place, I am seeing a revolution not election. This revolution, the Lord said it would start like crisis and snowballed into war. They will burn police stations, and it will look like the continuation of #EndSARS protest.  And this will be more than that protest. Vehicle will not move for more than one month.”

The cleric stated that the revolution would be ignited by Nigerian youths in response to the economic situation in the country, adding that they will begin the revolution to foist on Nigerians their preference.

The clergyman was quick to warn the youths not to push the country into crisis that may end up claiming the lives of many promising youths, adding that if they want a change, it was only proper for them to pursue it in a manner that will not endanger the lives of other Nigerian citizens.

“They will kill policemen, soldiers and other security agents. Many youth corpers will die. We should prepare as Nigerians must pray against this not to happen and pray for peace. And the Lord said I should warn Nigerian youths to sit down as He is the one that will give power to whom He desires to give. That no one can give power except him,” he said.

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