2023: Nigeria Must Provide Adequate Security – Cleric

2023: Nigeria Must Provide Adequate Security – Cleric

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General Overseer, INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has has said that for the 2023 general elections to be conducted successfully and without any problem, Nigeria must prepare specially trained security personnel for the purpose of the elections.

Primate Ayodele who made this known while addressing the media in Lagos on Friday said security must be tightened and deployed to every vital part of the country during the election.

He said next year’s election will cost more than other previous elections held in the country.

His words: “The 2023 elections will cost the Nigerian government financially multiple folds of what it has ever spent on elections in the past.

“Money will determine the coming elections. Nigerians will not vote their conscience in 2023 but their stomachs; it is no money, no vote. Nigerians will sell their conscience because of the poverty the past and present governments have created. There will be no votes for any party that doesn’t give money”.

Ayodele said he doesn’t have any preferred candidate among those who are contesting the 2023 Presidential election, saying he is only revealing what God had revealed to him on the election.

He said, “God revealed to me that if Atiku wins the presidency, Nigeria’s economy will improve and if the APC candidate, Tinubu, gets the ticket, Nigeria will be a little better. If the Labour Party wins the presidency, it is going to be a government for the poor where the rich will be complaining. The PDP government will be for the poor and the rich.

Ayodele has also warned that the continuing keeping of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, in prison will threaten Nigeria’s security.

Still on the 2023 elections, he said the APC is desperate to win in 2023.

“What God has shown me is that APC is using all means to win the election next year; legally, illegally, physically and spiritually, even financially. APC is very desperate to win. PDP and Labour Party are taking this election matter with levity; the two candidates are not fighting the battle with seriousness. APC is ready to buy anything that can be bought to win the election. 2023”, he said.

He further revealed that the 2023 election will hold but there is going to be a change in the date of the election.

Ayodele urged INEC to use BVAS for the election, saying”otherwise, Nigerians will be disappointed and they will suffer three times what they are suffering under this present government.

He said with BVAS, it will be difficult for any party to rig itself into power.

“With BVAS, the election rigging will be minimal as BVAS will checkmate rigging. So says the Lord”, he said.



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