2023: Sha’aban Calls for Kano APC Chair’s Arrest over Instigation

2023: Sha’aban Calls for Kano APC Chair’s Arrest over Instigation

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Abdullahi Abbas is said to have incited and instigated APC supporters in Kano to violence in the forthcoming general elections during the flagging off of their campaigns at Gaya, Kano.

Honorable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada, OON, member representing Kano Municipal at the Federal Level has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Kano APC Chairman over Instigation to violence.

Sha’aban who also is the ADP Gubernatorial Candidate in the state urge security agencies to do the needful following Abbas’s speech at Gaya LGA of the state that APC must win in the State by “hook or crook” comes 2023.

In a statement issued to newsmen by the ADP Gubernatorial Campaign Council Spokesperson Abbas Yushau Yusuf said Sharada described the call by the state APC chairman as a call to violence and voter intimidation as the country prepares for general election.

The ADP Governorship candidate said at a time when Kano people are ready to kick out the unpopular APC Government from Kano Government House,the state party chairman known for his character of hate speech and instigation of violence has already started intimidating the electorate in a slogan he use at party campaign that ‘Ko da tsiya Ko da tsiya tsiya sai mun ci zabe” meaning whether the electorate like it or not we are going to win election by hook or crook.

The candidate said in a situation where the independent National electoral commission released its guidelines for the peaceful conduct of 2023 general elections Abbas’s statement is an insult and slap on the face of Kano people,INEC,law abiding citizens,Kano people who are very civil and who use to vote their leaders through peaceful Democratic means.

The hate speech according to Sharada by Abdullahi Abbas contravenes section 92 to section 96 of the 2022 electoral act which prohibits threat or use of force against voters .

Honourable Sha’aban further urge security agencies to enforce some sections of the electoral act and call Abdullahi Abbas to order before 2023 campaign is turned into full blown violence as a result of the party chairman’s unguarded utterances.

“We call on civil society organizations,the cleric, statesmen and other well meaning individuals to put hands together and stop people like Abdullahi Abbas and his ilk from making statements that will continue to overheat the polity till and after election day”said Sharada.

Apart from civil society organizations and the clerics the ADP Governorship candidate urges the National peace committee being chaired by a former respected Head of state General Abdulsalami Abubakar who put the country on the path of Democracy to wade into the matter due to Kano state’s position in national and international politics.

Honorable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada also called on Kano state peace committee led by Abdullahi Waiya to come into the fold and call any politician including Abdullahi Abbas who are willing to instigate violence during the forthcoming elections to their senses for peace to reign and allow Kano voters to exercise their civic Right.

He urge Kano electorate to also remain calm and never be intimidated by any one no matter how highly placed he is as the will of the people supercedes any interest.

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