Appoint Simon Lalong FCT Minister, Northern Group Tells Tinubu

Appoint Simon Lalong FCT Minister, Northern Group Tells Tinubu

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The Northern Youth Vanguard for Renewed Hope (NYVRH) has called on President Bola Tinubu to appoint immediate past Plateau Governor, Rt Hon Simon Lalong, as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

In a statement signed by its President, Comrade Williams Ochonu, the group said it is high time the North-Central produces an FCT Minister after over 24 years of democracy.

Ochonu said, indeed, all the heads of the capital city since 1999 have come from the north, but the last from the North Central was Mamman Kontagora during the military era.

Beyond the perceived marginalization, the group said only someone from the region could easily relate to the yearnings of the inhabitants.

According to Ochonu, Lalong is the best man for the job, having proven to be an achiever with a track record of competence, integrity, and excellence.

“It is not enough to demand that the office of the FCT Minister be zoned to the North Central. Indeed the region has often been marginalized. But our case is that at this time, there’s someone from the North Central who is perfect for the job,” Ochonu said.

“The consensus is that Rt Hon Lalong is the most qualified, experienced, and prepared for the assignment. He also flaunts an unrivaled track record, capacity, and pedigree.

“He will not only settle the perceived religious and sectional bias, but he is also a man who has, over the years, displayed exceptional capacity, sagacity, and effective leadership. He is a unifier and detribalized Nigerian.

” Lalong is a well-known achiever, a man who understands the Renewed Hope agenda and has demonstrated distinction over the years.

” His incredible track record as a result-oriented and performance-driven leader, one with a penchant for excellence, integrity, and accountability, has given us much hope that the Nigeria of our dreams is possible.

“He has the qualities, experience, and capacity for the assignment. This is a governor for eight years and a state assembly speaker for eight years also.

“In the last 16 years, Mr Lalong has shown exceptional leadership qualities. He worked closely with the President during the campaigns and has a firm grip on the Renewed Hope Agenda.

“As one of the leading voices from the 19 northern states, we, therefore, believe that Lalong will excel in this role and make the North Central proud”.

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