Atiku, ‘Bridge’ to Prosperous Future

Atiku, ‘Bridge’ to Prosperous Future

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By Yakubu Salisu, Kano

For quite some time now, the search for a credible, tested and result-oriented leader, equipped, with the vital economic and entrepreneurial skills has eluded Nigerians, hence rather than moving forward, the country is sliding 20 steps backward.

Despite securing independence, 65 years after from the British colonial masters, the country, instead of being where it is supposed to be, is still wobbling and fumbling, mainly due to lack of credible leadership to take the country to the height it ought to be at 65.

Erstwhile Nigeria leaders lacked the prerequisite skills to take the country to another level of financial and economic prosperity, hence the absolute necessity to get it right this time, as the country prepares to elect another leader to pilot the fortunes of the country for another four years.

The leadership position is not just for everyone but for a few tested, experienced leaders, with the prerequisite skills and determination to advance the country to the next level, as at when due.

This is the reason why, every Nigerian, who discerns for steady progress considers to cast his vote for the former Vice President of the country, Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 Presidential election, so as to bail out the country from the current economic stagnation to prosperity.

Atiku is a household name, with tested entrepreneurial skills, who has spread his business tentacles to the length and breathe of the country.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Waziri of Adamawa State is a detribalized personality, who has identified with the different cultures, societies and people of Nigeria, serving as the connecting link between the various ethnic groups in the country.

He has remained a unifying figure and a strong voice in the quest for a strong and better Nigeria, where its citizens can enjoy the dividends of democracy under a secured and conducive atmosphere, where respective businesses thrive.

The People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Presidential Candidate in the 2023 general election has distinguished himself, as a successful businessman, whose business empire continue to grow from strength to strength under his leadership, succeeding where others failed woefully.

Since his exit from office as the vice president of the country, Atiku has never hesitated when it comes to associating, with the various ethnic tribes in the country, demography and age groups, and can best be described, as the man of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who possesses the wherewithal to lead Nigeria into a blossom future.

As a retired Customs officer, he acquired the know-how of border security, trade and bilateral relationships between countries, a basic knowledge needed to tackle the present economic and security woes bedeviling the country.

The visit of Wazirin Adamawa to Kano recently, to receive Senator Ibrahim Shekarau is an indicator that the presidential candidate is gaining more acceptance and popularity on a daily basis. Atiku, who arrived in Kano on Sunday during a downpour was greeted by a large crowd, who defied the rain to welcome him.

A day after, the state came to a standstill, with dignitaries, including the former vice President Namadi Sambo, former and serving PDP governors, Senators and the national party Chairman, with his entourage, who flooded the streets to support Atiku Abubakar on the occasion.

The solidarity demonstrated to Abubakar further confirms that the party remains united against speculations that there is a deep division, which may hinder it from winning the 2023 general elections.

The PDP Presidential flag bearer, while presenting a paper at the Private Sector Economic forum, organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, promised to create an Economic Stimulus Fund, with an initial investment of approximately US$10 billion within his first 100 days in office to prioritize support to MSMEs across all the economic sectors. He recalled that he was head of the economic management team, (1999-2007) and instrumental in designing a private sector revival strategy, where he advocated for the opening of the economy for private sector investments in a number of sectors.

In his capacity as a businessman, and public officer, Wazirin Adamawa, assured that he will be prepared, so as not to be caught off guard, adding that his policy documents contain the right policies, which would be timely delivered.

Also, Abubakar stressed that in economic reforms and management matters, he would apply stringent measures toward the economic reform and transformation of the country.

Among numerous promises, Atiku Abubakar affirmed that poverty alleviation will occupy the center stage of his economic development agenda, pointing out that performance shall henceforth be measured by the number of jobs created and the number of people rescued from poverty.

He also promised to stimulate growth to create jobs and wage war against hunger. stressing that the economy must grow for numerous opportunities to abound.

Furthermore, he hinted that he has a good grasp of the challenges confronting Nigeria, just as he has identified the root causes, describing the challenges as self-imposed, which can be reversed, if we are sincerely determined to take the bull by the horn.

With his age-long experience in both the Private and Public sectors of the economy, Atiku is the technocrat Nigeria needs at this point in time to restore the country to its former glory of economic prosperity and progress.

Finally, Atiku Vowed to take tough and difficult decisions on security matters without fear or favour.





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