Checkers Custard to Launch More Products, Unveils Ali Nuhu Brand Ambassador

Checkers Custard to Launch More Products, Unveils Ali Nuhu Brand Ambassador

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The Managing Director, Checkers African Limited, makers of Checkers Custard in Nigeria, Mr Karan Checker on Wednesday said the brand which is second to non in Nigeria will launch more variety of the nourishing products in coming months

Checker made this known on Wednesday during the official unavailing of Renown Kannywood Actor Mr. Ali Nuhu as the new ambassador of the brand in Kano.

According to him, the product is dominantly made up of carbohydrate and other essential ingredients that nourishes the body and is recommended for both the young and old.

While unveiling the King of Kannywood as the new Brand’s ambassador Karan stated that “When brands decide to align with celebrities, it is always a hard task but with Ali Nuhu it wasn’t a difficult one, it was a natural easy choice and a smooth process that took little thinking”.

” Such is the beauty of having a strong and reputable personality like Ali Nuhu. He is undisputably, the king of the industry and the best in his category.

” Today, we are proud to identify and associate with him and have decided to join forces with him because he’s an actor with millions of fans with great impact in the society”, he added.

Meanwhile, the new ambassador who expressed delight after signing the contract said he will push the product as much as I can.

” Today is a great day for me to emerge as one of the ambassadors of Checkers Custard across the country because I have been a fan of the product.

For me, a partnership like this is not just about unveiling me as an ambassador or believing in me but the huge task that lies ahead of me because if you go through the field for a few months or a year, the brand might feel you are not representing them enough the way you should so the job is to ensure the products is widely accepted.

” Celebrities are selected as ambassadors because of their large followers and companies hopes to use that advantage to promote their products so I’m going to do my very best.

” I’m a Nigerian and I’m so much into anything that has to do with indians and that spirit of brotherhood led me to have a chit-chat with them and got to understand we are people of common interests.

” I promise I will do my best and do things the way you expect and for this one, I’m ready to go way above what is expected”, he assured.

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