CITAD Organized Political Interface Between Kano Electorates, Contestants

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The Centre for information Technology (CITAD) under its We-You Program yesterday, brought together electorates from Kano Municipal and contestants from various political parties vying for different offices in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

The Centre’s Senior Program Officer, Isah Garba while speaking on the importance of the dialogue said, the avenue provided will help the electorates to present their demands to those going to represent them at the helm of government affairs which will also help the candidates to understand the needs of their people unlike in the past where political office holders embark on projects that are not relevant to their constituents.

Also, that the opportunity provided for the one-on-one session between the two groups will help draw up commitment on the part of the politicians which will serve as a guide or a working document the electorates can use to remind the politicians for their promises.

“We provided this avenue for the electorates to meet those going to represent them at various level of governance comes 2023.

Under the we-you, the politicians are made to write an undertaking after accepting the demands presented by the electorates from their constituents.

These Undertakings will be used by the people in future to serve as reminder to those in office on what their people need and will also be used to bring them back on track, when they embark on wrong projects,” he said.

Some stakeholders at the event revealed their major demands include, health, education, drinkable tap water, good road networks and women and youth empowerment.

They expressed optimism that, if their public office holders honor the drafted charter of demand, the above mentioned problems will be resolved.

They further noted that henceforth any candidate who fails to fulfil his promises after emerging winner, would be recalled by his people who shall me be mobilized for such action.

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