Enugu Youths Nominate APC Youth Leader as Youth Ambassador

Enugu Youths Nominate APC Youth Leader as Youth Ambassador

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In a resounding gesture of recognition and appreciation for his unwavering commitment to youth development, Chief Hon Chibueze Oleka, the coordinator of The All Progressives Youth Vanguard (APC Youth Vanguard), has been nominated as the Youth Ambassador by the National Youth Council of Nigeria Enugu State Chapter (NYCN).

The official nomination letter, signed by the Chairman of NYCN Enugu State Chapter, Comrade Chukwuebuka Bartholomew Okoh, highlights Chief Oleka’s exceptional dedication and love for the improvement of Enugu youths. The letter was presented to Chief Oleka during an executive meeting of the NYCN held at Roban Hotels Enugu, which saw the presence of both current and past leaders of the group in the state.

During the gathering, Comrade Temple Chinedu Chika, a former chairman of NYCN Enugu State Chapter, commended Chief Oleka for his outstanding track records in nation-building, describing him as one of the outstanding youths in the state. He expressed the council’s happiness in having him as a son of the state and encouraged him to accept the offer.

“The National Youth Council of Nigeria Enugu state chapter has identified you as a son of the soil who has made significant progress in nation-building, both in leadership and business,” remarked Comrade Temple Chinedu Chika. “Your outstanding performance as a former Student Union Government of ESUT still speaks for itself, and we want you to use your experience to move the council forward in the state.”

“We understand the challenges you may face due to the enormity of workloads on your table, but we believe that you always put the interest of your state first and thus would consider this offer.”

Responding to the nomination, Chief Hon Chibueze expressed his astonishment and gratitude for such an honor. He considered it a call from his people to contribute further to reshaping the future of Enugu’s youth. Rejecting it, in his view, would be tantamount to denying the progress of his state.

“I am flabbergasted by this honor. Though I was very skeptical at the first call to receive this, rejecting it would be detrimental to the success and growth of our youths,” Chief Oleka stated.

Accepting the offer, he emphasized that this nomination is a call to do more for the development of his state. Chief Oleka pledged to take up the responsibility and work towards the advancement of the organization.

“I am gladly accepting this and want to urge us to be more focused. Enugu is blessed with the best youthful brains in the country across all sectors, and we must work together to take our place where we are supposed to be.”

“I want to assure you all that I will never betray this trust and would contribute my own quota to the growth of this organization.”

The appointment of Chief Hon Chibueze Oleka as the Youth Ambassador by the NYCN Enugu State Chapter marks a significant milestone, highlighting the importance of recognizing and empowering individuals dedicated to the betterment of youth and community development.

The National Youth Council’s decision reflects a collective acknowledgment of Chief Oleka’s impactful contributions, setting the stage for a collaborative effort towards the progress and advancement of Enugu’s youth under his leadership.

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