Godfatherism Destroying Our Democracy- Kano ADP Candidate

Godfatherism Destroying Our Democracy- Kano ADP Candidate

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ADP Kano House of Assembly Candidate from Nasarawa Local Government has called for the abolishment of Godfatherism in Nigerian Politics.

Hon. Abba Muhammad Abubakar said this has been a major factor why many politicians have under performed.

Abubakar, stated this yesterday at a Town Hall Meeting between State Assembly Candidates from Nasarawa, and stakeholders from the area, organized by Centre for Information Technology (CITAD).

According to him, it is time for groups in the society to charge of nominating and sponsoring people who will represent them rather than allow some individuals do so.

“People must begin to take control of who should represent them in office.

When you allow some certain persons to impose on you tla candidate, be rest assured that he will only do the biding of his God-father.

When the people are involved, I believe such politician will work for their interest, and that’s what I will do if elected”, he added.

The Senior Program Officer (CITAD), Isah Garba, said, the Centre remains committed towards promoting the development of democracy in the state.

“We have once again provided a platform for interaction between the people of Nasarawa and those aspiring to represent them in governance.

The people have put together their major needs and presented it.

These needs are intended to serve as guide after elections when the elected candidate embarks on constituency projects.

We hope they keep to their promises to work with the draft document presented to them which they have signed today”.

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