How Gombe PDP leaders handed over self to unrepentant enemy

How Gombe PDP leaders handed over self to unrepentant enemy

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Politics makes strange bed fellows but committing adultery to grab power makes it a political sin and one always pays for ones sins – in this life or after life.

In Greek mythology the sins of the fathers visit upon their children. In Indian mythology you pay for your sins in your next life.

Obviously, Gombe State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and her leaders havr handed over themselves to their unrepentant enemy, thereby making themselves orphans in their father’s home.

The defection of Muhammad Jibrin Barde- an erstwhile biggest enemy of the PDP and a harsh critic of her leader in Gombe State, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, and his eventual emergence as the PDP’s governorship candidate in Gombe sends a bad signal that the party has hired her enemy to serve as cook.

His inability to carry the party executives and critical stakeholders along in decision making processes has strike fear into the minds of many of the party faithfuls and stalwarts that Barde has created his own faction of the PDP within the mainstream PDP.

The way and manner Barde is going about the whole thing call for great concern to all right-thinking members of the party.

Party chieftains and stakeholders across the three senatorial districts of the state are not happy with him, including the likes of Former Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Usman Bayero Nafada, Abdulkadir Hamma Saleh, Shuaibu Baba Sabulu who have supported him during the primaries; none is on good terms with him and these are people of note who can make or mar him during elections.

However, the crisis seemed exacerbated with the recent nomination of Mr Timothy Danlele as his running mate without consulting neither the party nor critical stakeholders.

Sources within the party in Gombe South Senatorial zone, a zone that produces deputy governorship candidate since 1999 and the stronghold of the PDP, informed that most leaders and critical stakeholders are not happy with the development on the grounds that they were not consulted particularly on the emergence of Danlele as deputy governorship candidate.

The party’s executives at local governments and wards levels hold the grievances that Barde has bye-passed them to pick 40 people from each of the 114 wards of the state as his foot soldiers with whom he will work as grassroot mobilizers.

Barde is said to have held the conviction that majority of the party executives have not supported him during the primaries and consequently, cannot be entrusted with his campaign and mobilisation.

Barde was told by the leader of the party to come and reconcile with these aggrieved party chieftains and stakeholders, but he cannot do that because he has vowed to send all of them to untimely retirement.

Barde thinks he can do it alone. We shall see how PDP will win the election alone and how Barde will impose himself on the people come 2023.

Let’s see how he becomes the governor fighting the party organs. We are waiting and watching at the same time.

Abba Modibbo writes from Unguwan Ajiya, Gombe

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