Impeaching Buhari will Cause More Chaos-CSOs Caution Lawmakers

Impeaching Buhari will Cause More Chaos-CSOs Caution Lawmakers

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By Yakubu Salisu

Members of Non State Actors Consultative Forum (NOSACOF) have cautioned that the current move to impeached president Muhammad Buhari is capable of plunging Nigeria in worse internal conflicts, which the country may never recover from.

The move to impeach the president, they believe is being orchestrated by mostly disgruntled members of the ruling APC who lost out in recent primaries and some members of the opposition parties who are only after their own interests.

Speaking at a press conference in Kano on Wednesday, the lead convener,  Abdulrazaq Alkali, Lawmakers at both senate and house of representatives have failed to look at their own failures and incompetence which contributed to the worsening economic and security situation in the country.

According to him, rather than putting the whole bulk of blame on President Buhari, they should blame themselves for failure to carry out their oversight functions on the various security arms of government despite billions of dollars budgeted for security but focused attention on befriending head of security agencies in their chase for getting contracts and other financial gains.

Alkali emphasized that the current security problems bedeviling the country today is as a result of accumulation of years of incompetence, selfishness, greed, injustice and corruption perpetrated by mostly political leaders shielded by ethnic and religious entities, weak and corrupt justice system and to some extent by common citizens.

That the Lawmakers should focus on finding real solutions of making citizens-oriented legislation that will bring solutions to the insecurities tormenting the country and not threatening to remove the president due to insecurity.

“It is true more Nigerians have fallen below the poverty, terrorism by bandits leading to the loss of many lives.

The Lawmakers are only trying to save their faces by blaming the president to win public support and look like heros after seven years of doing nothing.

It is imperative for well meaning Nigerians not to allow themselves to be played by selfish interest of a few whose action will worsen the fragile situation in the country.

Nigerians must must exercise caution and allow democratic process to take place through proper electoral transition”, he added.

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