Important tips for you this Harmattan

Important tips for you this Harmattan

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Harmattan period in Nigeria is usually characterised with haze or dusty weather which affects many especially those suffering from one form of respiratory illness or another.

Below are some important tips for you this Harmattan period.

Remember, your health is your wealth !

1. Use moisturisers to keep your skin well hydrated; vaseline can help.
2. Drink more water to stay hydrated this period.

3. Apply lip gloss or lip balm to soothe your lips and avoid cracks.

4. Avoid going outdoors unnecessary. If you must be out and the Sun is too hot, use an umbrella.

5. If it is very cold such as in the mornings, wear your sweaters and socks to stay warm.
6. If you have asthma or other allergies, remember to avoid common triggers such as dust, hay, smoke, etc.

7. If you have asthma, use a face mask if necessary especially when traveling, and always take your inhaler with you in case you’re stuck in a dusty road.

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