Kano CSOs Writes Tinubu, ECOWAS, says Military Action against Niger has Consequences

Kano CSOs Writes Tinubu, ECOWAS, says Military Action against Niger has Consequences

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Civil Society Organizations in Kano under the auspices of Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF) has called on President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, who also, is the current President of ECOWAS to thread with caution over move for military in Niger republic over the recent coup d’état by some military officers.

The Forum said the call became imperative after weighing what they described ‘devastating consequences’ for both Nigeria and Niger Republic should the president sanction such military operation in the neighboring country.

In a letter made available to this medium by the president of the Forum, Amb. Ibrahim Waiya and his secretary, Peter Hassan Tijani with the signatories of one hundred and forty (140) CSOs, the Forum noted that no doubt, the coup has great implications on the campaign for a sustainable democratic governance in Africa, and could also create regression in the struggle to institute civilian rule through popular participation of the citizens in governance, across African continent.

However, that the president and ECOWAS must bear in mind that while trying to restore civilian Government in Niger Republic, there are likely huge consequences with devastating impacts on both Nigerian and Nigerien citizens, should military campaign remain the next action to be deployed.

Below are some of the consequences as listed by the Kano Civil society Forum;

  1. Severe the long brotherly relationship between Nigeria and Niger Republic
  2. Expose the citizens of both countries to an untold hardship especially the Border States which will include: Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Jigawa, Borno, Yobe.
  3. Trigger an endless political instability across Africa, as some African countries have already taken a parallel side.
  4. Expose Nigeria glare to attacks by long -time enemies waiting for a little chance to wage war against us.
  5. Create distraction from the focus to tackling major economic, social and political problems bedeviling the country with more than 130 million Nigerians swimming in a multi – dimensional poverty.
  6. Further create disunity amongst African countries, and weaken their strength on the self -determination journey to emancipate their people and guarantee for themselves an absolute political independence, free from foreign dictatorship and interference.
  7. Create another black history in Africa, where brothers will kill each other through proxies, to actualize the long-scripted conspiracy of depopulating the continent.
  8. Create a room for the resurrection of many insurgency groups in Africa, which would eventually make the region ungovernable.
  9. Create fear and provide access for the mastermind to loot more of the continent resources.
  10. Create a serious humanitarian crisis situation which may not be managed in the near future, in addition to the yet to be resettled IDPs in many camps across some states, including over 300,000 Nigerian citizens living in Niger as refugees

More so, that the president must be reminded that military campaign has never been a hard-wearing option in resolving political conflicts, as effective as diplomatic approach may be. “As you are aware, Nigeria is just two months and few days since the inauguration of your government whose legitimacy is still being challenged in Elections Tribunal, coupled with the political wounds Nigeria has suffered ever in our political history, which was occasioned by the polarization of the country, along ethnic, religious and regional lines, an ugly development which requires a lot of healing”.

“It is on this note, we urge you to use wisdom and diplomacy to influence the process of resolving the political crisis in Niger, without wounding our long existing political, military, trade, social and economic relationship. Africa must learn to remain united, despite any misconstruction to be able to tackle its numerous challenges of underdevelopment, political interference, corruption and others. And the burden to drive this task lies on you, as the President of the largest black nation on the planet, and Chairman of the ECOWAS”.

“We urge you, to concentrate more on tackling the increasing economic difficulties, Nigerians face at the moment following the sudden increase in the fuel pump price, which now pushed many Nigerians into unprecedented hardship, and making life unbearable for the millions of ordinary Nigerians”, the forum added.

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