Kano is Peaceful Today on Account of INEC’s Role in 2023 Elections-Kano REC

Kano is Peaceful Today on Account of INEC’s Role in 2023 Elections-Kano REC

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The Kano State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Zango Abdu has attributed the current peace enjoyed in the state to INEC’s role in ensuring credible elections in the state.

The Commissioner state this today while issuing certificate of return to 14 members of state Assembly after winning the last Saturday supplementary elections held in the state.

According to him, the Commission under his leadership vowed to remain neutral and conduct free, fair and credible elections 5 months ago, a promise which has been kept and as a result, Kano is witnessing peace despite the charged atmosphere before and during the elections.

“When I came to Kano 5 months ago, I promised to conduct an election that everyone would be proud of”.

“Though it has not been easy but alhamdulillah that promised has been kept and as you can see the state remains peaceful today because the right thing was done by INEC”.

“Kano is unique and everything about it comes with new dimensions yet, we were able to meet up to both the parties and general public expectations. If we had done otherwise, the state would have been in crisis by now”.

Though we had to go for supplementary elections in some polling units which represent only 2% of the total number of polling units in the state, today, every winner has been declared and issued his certificate of return which marks the end of the 2023 election activities in Kano”.

Abdu applauded the various political parties in the state for conducting themselves in such a peaceful manner while those who lost in the elections opted to seek redress in the court of law without resorting to some funny ways that could throw the state into chaos.

Meanwhile, the NNPP state party chairman in Kano, Haruna Doguwa who graced the occasion, stated that INEC did well in all the elections held in the state.

He said; “The out come of the elections have shown that our party is the new force in the state.

From National Assembly to state Assembly, we have won the majority seats and we have also won the governor election.

People should expect from us a government of the people which will deliver on all its campaign promises and a government whose main aim is to better the lives of its people”. He added

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