Kawu Sumaila Proposes Devolution of Power, Constitutional Review to Address Nigeria Challenges

Kawu Sumaila Proposes Devolution of Power, Constitutional Review to Address Nigeria Challenges

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By Yakubu Salisu, Kano

Former Deputy Minority Leader, Honorable Hon. Abdulrahaman Kawu Sumaila has opined that there’s an urgent need for a review of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the devolution of power to states and local governments which will resolve majority of the country’s challenges.

According to him, his 12 years of experience at the Assembly under 3 presidents have made him realized that Nigeria needs a system which will have a direct touch with the grassroot which local government autonomy is the starting point.

Kawu who also served as Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the president on National Assembly said, from his understanding and previous experiences, there are serious lacunas in the country’s constitution which gave birth to issues such as insecurity, economic meltdown and social problems hence, the need to revisit it, make amendments and come up with what he called ‘the people’s constitution’.

The topnotch politician who is vying for the Kano South Senatorial Seat under the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) said he’s priority after he wins the election is to move for a review and amendment of the constitution.

“If I become a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, I will insist to have a complete and comprehensive look at the constitution and make amendments”.

“A heterogenous country like Nigeria operating a federal system with over 200 million people with one inspector of police will definitely have security challenges.

“The constitution we have at the moment allows for only 1 Inspector General of Police over 200 million people, believe me, it is difficult for him to police Nigeria so whether we like it or not, we need to have a second look at it”.

” I’m fully in support of state police so that the army can face their constitutional responsibility of defending our territorial sovereignty but that can only happen when we have state police that candy complement the work of the federal police”

Take kano state for example, we are almost 20million and the total number of police in kano is less than 8,000 and in my own local government we have two division and the police men there are less than 80 personnel with population of almost 500,000″, he added.

He further stated that the Federal Government has over burdened itself so much with even responsibilities of the Local Governments citing constructions of primary healthcare centres by the FG as misplacement of priority.

Sumaila also hinted on education noting that the University education is very important and must be encouraged to go beyond awarding certificates to becoming a research institution which will proffer solutions to almost every aspects of our lives.

However, all these and many more he said can be achieved only when; “We have a constitution that has the characteristic of good governance, accountability, inclusiveness transparency, effectiveness, rule of law and a constitution that provides free and acceptable elections.

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