NAFDAC Sensitize MSME Owners in Kano

NAFDAC Sensitize MSME Owners in Kano

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In a bid to sensitize the public and MSMEs owners on various regulatory bodies, NAFDAC Kano has organized a one day sensitization workshop for micro, small scale enterprises, supermarket operators and wholesalers.

Speaking at the venue of the event, the representative of the director general Mrs Josephine said that the essence of the program is to shed more light on the regulatory bodies and laws guiding MSMEs by NAFDAC.

“The various process and procedure especially in registering MSMEs product with NAFDAC before selling them to the public is to ensure the quality, safety and wholesomeness of the product and for the supermarket owners, we want them to come and get listed on the global listing of supermarket products where a certificate is been issued.

“The essence of this global listing technique is to enable supermarket owner be able to sell in volumes in times of food and cosmetics.

“As we all know that this product ‘food and cosmetics’are mostly sold by supermarket and they are also been imported by embassy, the fast food restaurants too need the NAFDAC registration, All this product need to get listed on the global supermarket certificate via NAFDAC authentication of license or approval before marketing the product.

“Of course there are procedures that we want them to come and learn and we have people willing to teach and sensitize them on the procedures through which this product will get licensed and registered on the global listing supermarket products.

“The message of the director general NAFDAC Kano state professor Muyisola who was represented by the zonal director is in line with the event of the day, which is all MSMEs owners should come and register thier products and of course we have streamline this processes for them and we have also reduced the tariffs for them.

“We have also make sure we have NAFDAC professionals and experience staffs known as desk officers, we have also created that stop center across the nation where other agencies of government are also available them all the guidelines needed.

“This is one the palliative NAFDAC has put in place for MSME owners in order to get their products registered without a third-party, it has happened in the past where you visit supermarkets and see products that are not NAFDAC registered and this has warranted to the sanctioning of some supermarket and this product, which is why this sensitization program is very necessary for supermarket operators.

Lastly, “my message to the participants of today’s event is that should make use of this opportunity to always come to NAFDAC 5o get their products registered for MSMEs owners and for the supermarket operators and wholesalers to ensure that this product are registered with NAFDAC through the right procedures.

“To know if a product is duely registered with NAFDAC, you will find on the label the production date, best before date, NAFDAC reg no, batch no, and also the full address of the manufacturers.

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