No, Covid-19 vaccine does not kill

No, Covid-19 vaccine does not kill

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Sen. Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye, a Nigerian politician and former member of the 8th House of Representatives with 2.5 million followers on twitter, had said that Covid-19 vaccine kills.

The Senator known for his vocal and controversial stance on national issues made the statement on his twitter page on the 16th of December, 2020, describing the Covid-19 Vaccine as a killer and people must say no to it. He added that investigation had shown that some of those who took it died three days after.

The video titled ‘Say no to Covid-19 Vaccine’ gained 75 000 views, 962 comments, 577 re-tweets, 1,234 quotes tweets and 3,049 likes.

Below is the transcription of the video

“I am Senator Dino Melaye, I am here to address Africans and indeed Nigerians on the Covid-19  Vaccine. I am calling on all Africans, particularly Nigerians not to accept the use of any Vaccine for now” 

“ for 100 years, we could not find a vaccine for cancer, for over 40 years we are yet to find any vaccine  for HIV/AIDS, for over another 100 years research has been going on finding a vaccine for diabetes, we are yet to find vaccine. How is it possible on earth that in one year, you found a vaccine for Covid-19?

‘‘An intelligence gathering has revealed that some of those who took that vaccine died within three days. So I am calling on African leaders not to allow any vaccine be or not to allow Africans to be used as guinea pigs by the developed Nations for their satanic reasons.

“We say no to the application of any vaccine in Africa. We call on the Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to immediately discontinue his interaction with those who want to give us vaccine. Its a killer we are not going to accept it and we would hold the Federal Government responsible and the Minister of Health responsible if any vaccine is applied on any Nigerian and there is a concomitant negative effect. God bless Africa, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

Below are some of the comments generated by the video


Dec 16, 2020

Replying to @dino_melaye The Western world will put up a policy of “No Covid-19 vaccine, No entry”. Africa…

Which way?



Chukwuemeke K. Victor-MDP



Replying to @dino_melaye


wasn’t and he’s not an accountant or financial expert but he saw 500 Naira equal to $1. Guys, let’s heed to advise before it become too late.



Replying to @dino_melaye

I agree with you sir. I’ve done enough research to know that what you’re talking about us the whole truth.



H:A:L:I:M:A:T @Halimat_45

Replying to @dino_melaye

Some will still doubts That’s why africans are poor and dying Say no to call covid-19 vaccine period Haba Mana




Adedayo Adebo @AdedayoAdebo1

@dino_melaye Where are the proofs that the covid 19 vaccine has really been helpful to the westerners. If there had been an intelligent gathering warning on this.There is no harm in heeding caution. I stand by SDM’s advice to Africans.


Onajite @Onajite81805995

  • Dec 16, 2020 Replying to @dino_melaye No mind them,they want to use another lockdown to force people systematically take their foolish vaccine,people get healed of covid-19 without their vaccines,why the crazy to have the vaccine


Christine Shuaibu @ochronosis

It’s amazing how quickly people on this TL dismiss this very important message It rather needs to be amplified. It normally takes at least 10 years to develop a vaccine, this has been done at Warp speed Before condeming note the one for Africa has been rejected by Europe


Vikoko @donalready101


Dino Melaye’s Educational Qualification

Senator Dino Melaye graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he studied geography. (wikipedia)


Expert Reacts


A renown virologist and immedietae past Chairman, Nigeria Academy of Sciences, Prof. Oyewole Tomori while reating to claims by the Senator asked, Dino telling you about vaccines and you want to believe him? If a carpenter offers to repair your car, will you give him your car?


According to him, even today, we are still learning about YF polio and other vaccines in use since the 1930s, and people are asking and developing new ones that have not been subjected to the “animal experimentations” why single out covid for special scrutiny. Moreover Ebola vaccine came out within 2 to 3 years and are being used. Of course the grip of a disease on global economy determines how soon a vaccine against it is developed. Should we blame them for this? If you have not developed Lassa vaccine of limited global impact but of tremendous impact in your country who is to blame.? He asked.


Finally, that it will a misconception to say covid19 vaccine was developed under a year. The building blocks for mRNA vaccines have been in place for over five years and successfully tried with Zika virus and one or two others like MERSCoV. So, it was a plug and play stuff with covid. “The time to roof a house is not the total time to build the house right? Yes, you talk of length of time  to complete trials….time was saved by running the phases with little time between the phases…like not waiting to  cook rice until the soup is done or setting table while the food is cooking.


advancement on all fronts are happening and vaccines are not left out. At Ede acegid will give a diagnosis in a matter of long did it take you to make diagnosis before the advent of genomic sequencing?…will you refuse to accept acegid results because of the speed? Do you think the governments of the UK USA and others will knowingly give “poison” to their people?




A source at the National Primary Health Care Development Agency when contacted stated that the agency saddled with the responsibility of handling and administering the vaccine has so far not recorded any death or fatality of any kind sice the commencement of the vaccination exercise.


The Source who pleaded anonimity stated that the claim by Dino Melaye is nothing but a ruse intended to mislead the public. That if the had been any death as a result of the vaccine, such information ccannot be hiden from the general public in this present era where people have all information at their finger tips.




Melaye is neither a medical doctor nor a specialist in the medical field and as such was not in a position to have made that tweet. He also did not provide any evidence to support his claims. From what the expert and official from the National Primary Health Care Development Agency said, Melaye was wrong, Covid-19 Vaccine is not a killer.


In the cause of this report, the OSINT tool, Botometer  was used to deteermine if those who retweeted, liked and commented on the tweet were actually humans and not  robots. The obsrvation showed the accounts record above 0.3/5.


According to Botometer, accounts with a bot score above 0.3 are labeled as humans.

Botometer Screen Shot



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