Sha’aban Meets Kano Ulamas, to Establish Quranic Research Centre

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A bill for the establishment of a National Center for Quranic Research in Kano has been presented to the National Assembly by Hon. Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada OON, the Kano ADP governorship candidate for the general elections of 2023 and a Member of the House of Representatives for the Municipal Federal Constituency.

This was stated by Honorable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada when he informed Kano’s ulama of his decision to run for governor of the state of Kano.

According to Sharada, the first and second readings for the center’s creation will be held in the upcoming weeks.

Sharada informed the Ulama’s that the Quranic Research Center, where Quranic sciences are supposed to be taught, is anticipated to be located in Kano given Kano’s dominance among Quranic memorizers in Nigeria.

Honourable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada stated that if elected governor, he will make Quranic education mandatory in Kano in primary and post primary schools since he is passionate about developing the education sector.

The candidate stated that he finds it extremely vital to meet with them and intimate them of his desire to run for governor of Kano state since ulama’s are very important and critical stakeholders in managing and moulding the thinking of the citizenry.

He asserts that the moment has come when a governor should serve as a leader for his subjects and that the Ulama should serve as a beacon for the implementation of government policies and initiatives.

He expressed appreciation to the Ulama’s who accepted the invitation and said he will continue to meet with them on important issues as the community’s leaders.

The candidate cited Quranic verses that shows the importance of consultation and involvement of the learned community in the affairs of the people.

Among prominent Islamic clerics that graced the occasion are the Chief Imam of Alfurqan Mosque Dr Bashir Aliyu Umar, Sheikh Abdulgaffar Nasiru Kabara, Sheikh Lawal Abubakar Triumph, Dr Abdullahi Muhammad Getso, Sheikh Tijjani Zangon BareBari from all the sects in Kano.

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