The Fate of New Emirates in Kano and Rural Urban Dichotomy on Question of Social Justice 

The Fate of New Emirates in Kano and Rural Urban Dichotomy on Question of Social Justice 

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BY Mallam Ibrahim Na Alkali.

Let us first of all understand the rationale behind the creation of the Emirates, their altruism or myths.

Ganduje created the Emirate with sole intention of undermining and frustrating Sarki Sanusi, because of the misunderstanding on many issues surrounding the statecraft ship and governance, the two duo continued those misadventures over the years during which the Governor was politically advised to cripple the emir’s wings by creating opposing Emirates, that was the spirit for their creation and most of the foot soldiers of the Governor publicly asserted that with arrogance, Ali Baba Fagge & the likes alluded to these fact.

Granted, some of those Emirates had a history of being an independent domain, but the jihad of Usman Danfodio and the conquest of their domains subsumed them into Fulani dynasty and fairly reduced them to District heads, however, I can’t rule out the evolution and dynamics of the human race, but the value system and preservation of our heritage supersedes a mere executive fiat with lot of historical distortions and Lamentations which people ought to have understood and protected within the ambiance of social justice regardless of whose interest , person or personality are involved.

The political creation of the Emirates targeted Sarki Sanusi in its entirety to among other things, undermine his strength, weakened his scope & size, create an opposing outlet like Bichi to be functioning as an alternative to kano Emirate by crowning the beneficiary to a first class status from the same lineage of Dabo enclave, this was also disheartening too. Another disturbing area of concern was dislocation of the four kingmakers from their traditional homes, towns or localities, then transfered same headship to the Governor’s political allies or elevation of Dagatai to the post of Hakimai out of sheer vengeance to take ownership of the houses belonging to those revered holders of Tutar Shehu Usman ibn Fodio, e.g Danbatta, Wudil, Dawakin Tofa are example of few.

I can recalled with mixed feelings on how the bill was haphazardly read, rushed and adopted, the nature of passing the bill to law by the state house of assembly was skyrocketed accelerated and stamp of office given to the newly anointed emirs on the same day, this attested to the underground mission of government to destroy history and entrenched injustice.

The footsodiers of then, Governor talked with impunity endorsing such misnormer, in assertion and action alluding to the fact Sanusi would soon go. The process of establishing the Emirates contained fundamental flaws, Kano should be treated like a father in the context of the creation, but all Emirates were equalized in prestige, privilege right and status with Kano, each with ten(10) local Governments as their areas of influence and control, that ideally interfered with well established system of kano Emirate administration and its pride compromised in history and cultural reservation.

Essentially, If someone chooses out of desire to create havoc or blunder deliberately to settle certain scores, a new order came on stage to remedy it should not be regarded as political opportunism, because at the first instance, the intention was cynical not pure. Sarki Sanusi might not be Saint during the period of misadventure, however, Ganduje creation was not by default, it was incited from within and outside the system, now, the social commentators are turning their attention from the real issues and insidiously preaching for peace and unity on what basis is this advocacy premised.

Let us right the wrong by making the alignments, realignment or expunging where deemed necessary for the system to work and address the highest injustice meted not on Sarkin Sanusi alone but the kingmakers, and the system as well. Social justice should be applied to all and sundry without given undue consideration to person, interest or personality, this should be our guiding role as commentators, the current debates on the fate of the Emirates might appears to promote some trending discourse on rural urban dichotomy, which the likes of Ganduje wanted to entrench so that the ill of the pass could be forgotten, the infight promoted and the battered social relationships continue to flourish among the hitherto beloved kanawa, at any rate, those ill intentions had already put kanawa in abeyance.

So sad a development. The onus now rest with the State House of Assembly to dedge and reflect on realities by dispensing the justice without recourse to any trivial issue of dichotomy or over amplifying the question of peace at the altar of injustice. My take

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