The Triumphant Homecoming of Gov Abba Kabir

The Triumphant Homecoming of Gov Abba Kabir

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By Yakubu Salisu

Like a hero is celebrated after winning a fierce battle, so Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf returns to Kano on Sunday.

The Governor who came to power in 2023 was faced with challenges from the oppositions especially the ruling APC who contended with him over his victory as the governor of the state.

Gov Abba Kabir on his to Kano on Sunday


Like a whirlwind, he swept every nook and cranny of the state captivating the hearts of both the young and old.

Recalled that; in 2019, he appeared with rays of light so strong that gave the government of the day sleepless nights knowing fully well they have someone to contend with.

Alas ! The power that be, severed the union between him and the people from taking place but like a true lover, Abba Kabir Yusuf wouldn’t give up his love for his people and Kano State.

The Victorious Gov moving into Kano

Like a bride who whispers songs of hope on the return of her lover, her hero. Men and women, young and old sang songs of hope longing for his return.

Despite all the odds, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf remained strong and focused and never allowed the distractions from some quartets and persons discouraged him.

In 2023 he made a come back and in 2024 he made another great comeback yet again after reclaiming his stolen mandate in both the Tribunal Court and the Appeal Court.

He remained optimistic that truth will triumph and told the people not to lose hope and on Friday 12th January 2024 the Supreme Court of Nigeria under Justice Okoro restored the mandate of the people of Kano by ensuring justice for their amiable governor.

Thousands of well wishers and supporters thronged out on Sunday to cheer him as he departs Kaduna for Kano.

A beautiful sight to behold, a moment of joy and a new dawn for the state and the people of Kano.

With this victory the Governor can now fully concentrate on his developmental projects and policies which he said the last few months was just a tip of what is to come.

Truly, Abba Kabir, is the Bridegroom whose Time has Come.

Yakubu Salisu writes from Kano

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