Women Must be Empowered with Knowledge to Transform their Lives-Hauwa Wali   

Women Must be Empowered with Knowledge to Transform their Lives-Hauwa Wali  

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By Yakubu Salisu

The wife of the Kano PDP gubernatorial candidate, Hajiya Hauwa Sadiq Wali has vowed to equip women in the state with knowledge which she describes as the bed rock of any meaningful development.

She stated that, through education, women who form a large part of the society will be led to self-realization thereby exposing them to lots of opportunities and achieving greatly where they couldn’t hitherto.

In an interview last night with journalists in Kano, Hauwa describes her husband Sadiq Wali as a beacon of hope who has great plans of returning the state to the path of human and infrastructural development as well as reviving the integrity of the state.

Wali, stated that her husband’s administration if given the mandate has mapped out strategies to uplift the state with focus on key sectors such as education, health, commerce and empowerment, which have direct impact on the lives of the people especially those in the rural areas.

Sadiq Wali is a beacon of hope- Hauwa Sadiq Wali

“There are so many Factors why I believe Sadiq Wali is the best candidate. Aside the fact that he is one of the youngest contestant, if you look at his background you will see that he has lots of exposure which I believe is a plus for anyone who is seeking to be in the position he is seeking for”.

“Look at his manifesto, you will realize that Sadiq is trying to fix Kano, he is trying to make Kano the beacon of the north. We all know that we have lost a lot of integrity especially in terms of leadership. I believe he is the kind of person that can restore the state’s integrity in the peoples’ eyes nation-wide”.

“He has good intention towards education, health, commerce and so many other aspects of work”.

“In my position as a woman, what I intend to do if given the opportunity Insha Allah is first of all, how to make women’s lives easier towards their health, education and towards their empowerment. These are the three areas I believe every woman must be given the opportunity to explore in order to better their lives”.

“Due to lack of education, a lot of women don’t even know what their entitlements are not just in the society but even in their marriages. So, I believe education is the first step in the right direction. Whatever you are doing in life, if you are not educated, it hinders your opportunities”, she added.

The kano PDP guber candidate’s wife who spoke with enthusiasm on women’s health said, government must move beyond providing just empty infrastructures in the health sector, but equip them with everything necessary to save lives and leading to decline of mortality rate indices amongst women and infants in the state.

“Any society that fails to provide qualitative healthcare services for its people, especially the women and children who are more vulnerable is a sick society whose dream of achieving greatness is still far from reality”.

“Our administration will accord the women relevance by ensuring that their basic needs are well taken care of and given opportunities to also contribute to the growth of the state”.

Furthermore, Hauwa Sadiq Wali added that their empowerment scheme for the women and youth will be designed in such a way that beneficiaries will not only be given start-up funds, machines or equipment, but first of all empowered with modern knowledge and skills on how to run that particular business in line with what is obtainable at the moment. That way, beneficiaries of such empowerment programs will be able to turn their start-up capital into profits, she said.

Hauwa charges the electorates and the general people of the state to rally round her husband Sadiq Wali in the Saturday, March 18 election for a new era of prosperity, transformation and overall development in Kano.

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