Women Protest High Cost of Living, IRS Flour in Kano

Women Protest High Cost of Living, IRS Flour in Kano

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Hundreds of women on Friday, took to the streets of Kano to protest high cost of living which they said has crippled their source of livelihood.

The women who defied the Harmattan cold came out as early as 8:30AM to register their worries

The women, who are mostly local bread producers popularly known as Gurasa said, many of them can no longer afford production due to high cost of flour the major ingredient for their product.

Fatima Auwal, the leader of the group in Kano revealed that the group, mostly made up of widows is on the verge of total collapse due to high cost of IRS (BUA) flour.

Many of our members can’t afford to buy flour now. The economic situation in Nigeria has gone from bad to worse.

Many of us who manage to produce are indebted. We can’t afford to send our kids to school anymore, feeding is now a challenge.

Auwal called on the president and other relevant stakeholders to consider their plight and intervene especially in the area of cost of flour as the BUA IRS flour remains the best for their product.

She also pleaded with BUA to look into their condition and provide the product at more affordable price.

The leader of the group prayed the industry will be saved from folding up.

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