X-raying Wura-Olas Reforms in-Service Delivery

X-raying Wura-Olas Reforms in-Service Delivery

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By Abba Abu

“What a man can do, a woman can do better”

This popular quote has been proven true by the Civil Defense, Correctional, Fire and Immigration Services Board, through the appointment of the Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration, Adepoju Carol Wura-Ola, as the acting Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), following the expiration of the extended tenure of Mr Isah Jere.

Adepoju Carol Wura-Ola embarked on her illustrious career in the realm of immigration by enlisting in the esteemed Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). Throughout the passage of time, she showcased proficiency and unwavering devotion to her duties, garnering numerous advancements and commendations as a testament to her exceptional abilities.

Over the years, she has proven herself to be a capable and dedicated officer, earning several accolades along the way. Her commitment to duty and exemplary performance led to her appointment as the Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration, a high-ranking position within the NIS.

Her unwavering dedication to the fulfilment of her responsibilities and her outstanding track record in execution, merited her ascendancy to the esteemed rank of Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration, signifying a position of eminent significance within the esteemed ranks of the NIS.

As the Deputy Comptroller General, Wura-Ola played a crucial role in assisting her principal in overseeing and managing the overall operations and administration of the NIS. Among other things, she facilitated the development and implementation of policies, strategies, and initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of immigration operations.

Such outstanding accomplishments made the decision by the board very easy. With her remarkable achievements, dedication, and hard work, Wura-Ola established herself as a prominent figure in the field of immigration and law enforcement. Her rise wasn’t one that came on a platter of gold but through years of consistent hard work. She is the proverbial Roman Empire that wasn’t built in a day.

Wura-Ola has continued the positive transformation of the NIS as Acting CG, initiating groundbreaking policies and innovations. One such is her proactive intervention in the removal of fuel subsidy. The Acting Comptroller General undertook a substantial measure to alleviate the hardship faced by NIS Officers and Men through the provision of a fleet of buses dedicated to fulfilling their transportation requirements, thereby helping them cut down personal expenses which is a great inconvenience to all.

In the past, shortage of passport booklets, touting, racketeering, price hike and others were the day’s order. These days, though, the NIS has managed to bring such issues to the barest minimum while continuing to meet the skyrocketing demand for the citizenship-affirming document at the highest standard and quality.

Wura-Ola achieved this by declaring a state of emergency on passport shortage in the country. This was a strict call to action for all stakeholders to prioritise efficiency, transparency, and excellence in service delivery. She also directed all Passport Control Officers, relevant units and personnel, including Missions abroad, to eliminate hindrances preventing Nigerians from accessing Passports promptly.

This was made possible because the Acting CG leveraged technology and instituted robust administrative measures to enhance the passport application and issuance process. As a result, the backdoor fraudulent collection of passports, and payment of illegitimate fees were halted.

No surprise that the NIS is gradually meeting up the high demands for the travel document while maintaining the best standard and quality. The challenges Nigerians encounter in obtaining passports are now a thing of the past due to  Wura-Ola’s zero tolerance for touting, fraud, and corruption.

Wura Ola’s profound and seasoned background in immigration and law enforcement has rendered her an invaluable resource to the Nigerian government. Her wealth of expertise, cultivated through years of dedicated practice, showcases her prowess in these domains. Renowned for her assiduous approach to tasks, she exhibits unwavering attention to even the minutest of details. Above all, her unwavering dedication to upholding the tenets of justice and equity further solidifies her stature as an exemplary figure in the field.

In all phases, she remained ever-focused in service, as a patriot, mother, sister, and friend. Wura-Ola is the voice of perfection.

Abu is a public affairs analyst based in Abuja.

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