YPP Governorship Candidate Joins ADP, Backs Sha’aban’s Candidature

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The Kano Young Progressive Party (YPP) Gubernatorial Candidate, Dr. Yakubu Uba Muhammad, has defected from the YPP alongside his Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate and joined the Action Democratic Party.

Dr Yakubu Uba Muhammad made the statement when he visited the Kano ADP Governorship candidate and a member of the House of Representatives for the Municipal Federal Constituency, Honourable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada OON, at his office.

Dr. Yakubu said he defected to the ADP, with some Federal House of Representatives candidates and state House of Assembly candidates of the YPP vying for the positions in Kano.

In press statement issued by Abbas Yusha’u Yusuf, ADP Kano Gubernatorial Campaign Council spokesperson,  Una informed Hon. Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada that he has already abandoned his YPP Governorship ambitions, together with his running mate and 24 state executives of the party out of 27, as well as 32 local government structures out of 44.

According to him, one of the reasons for his defection and to support Honourable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada’s ambition was done out of patriotism and to rescue Kano State from maladministration.

The YPP Governorship candidate, who is one of the leading and most focused Governorship candidates in Kano, said he decided to back Sharada’s candidature out of his own personal belief in Sharada’s capacity to touch the lives of Kano people, especially the youth.

He said based on the findings he made from the people of Kano that they are wise enough to vote for candidates with pedigree like Honourable Sha’aban Sharada and are ready to retire old brigade politicians who are recycling the political governance of Kano among them.

Dr Yakubu Uba further called on the youth to back the candidature of Honourable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada due to his achievements in a short period of time as PA to the President on broadcast media and a member of the House of Representatives for Kano Municipal federal constituency.

“We are aware of how the old politicians are retarding the progress of Kano in critical sectors such as education, the plight of pensioners, health, decayed infrastructure, the economic predicament, and encroachment on public properties.

Responding the Kano ADP Governorship candidate, Honourable Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada thanked the former YPP Governorship candidate for believing in his course to save Kano, as there is no place to call our own except Kano, and urged his fellow candidates to do away with politics of godfatherism and inheritance. “Our doors are open to every patriotic Kano citizen to join our 2023 Kano project, like the YPP candidate”, said Sharada.

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