Emefiele: Group vows to mobilize 1000 CSOs in support of DSS operation

Emefiele: Group vows to mobilize 1000 CSOs in support of DSS operation

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…calls for immediate arrest of Emefiele

A group, Rescue Hope Nigeria (RHN), has vowed to mobilize at least 1,000 civil society groups in the country to back the Department of State Services and its operation to rescue the Central Bank of Nigeria from a rogue Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele.

It said it will embark on nationwide protest across the country until Emefiele pays for his sins and leaves office.

This follows Emefiele’s resumption of duty after a supposed annual leave.

Emefiele has been in the spotlight over issues of alleged stamp duty and sponsorship of terrorism.

And according to a statement signed by its president, Audu Samuel Armstrong, Rescue Hope Nigeria said Emefiele must pay for his sins.

Armstrong said, “we can’t continue to elevate a public officer above the law and above probe”, adding that Emefiele must respond to the allegations.

According to him, Emefiele must not be shielded from probe especially knowing the weight of the claims against him.

“Nigerians are suffering. There is hardship in the land. Most of Emefiele’s policies have had devastating effects on the common man,” Armstrong said.

“How does one even explain the nation’s number 1 banker delving into politics? As if that wasn’t enough, he has continued to ride on the goodwill of Nigerians with demonic policies.

“The recent revelation about stamp duty and his suspected links to terrorism are the last straw. Nigerians are fed up.

“It is high time Emefiele speaks to Nigerians to clear the air. But we are not even interested, we want him arrested and prosecuted like every other criminal.

“We wish to urge the DSS to follow this matter to the latter. As one of the most reputable secret police in the world, we are confident that they will bring Emefiele to book. Enough is enough.”

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