Cascades Of Miracles as Road to Healing Streams October Begins

Cascades Of Miracles as Road to Healing Streams October Begins

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The ninth edition of the largest healing crusade on earth, Healing Stream Live Healing Service, with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, will take place from October, 27th to 29th from 3pm.

The power of God will once more suffuse the nations, vitalizing the sick and restoring burdened hearts to wholeness. Expect dynamic blessings, extraordinary healing miracles, new virtues, salvation, and financial fecundity.

A new season of Phenomenal miracles

Since its commencement, every episode has been hallmarked by phenomenal miracles and supernatural feats that defy logic, carnal knowledge, reasoning, and science. From bringing the dead back to life, to giving sight to the blind, speech, hearing, and mental faculties, to healing various ailments and cancerous growth, countless testimonies from all over the world attest to the incredible move of God’s Spirit during the programme.

Already, anticipation and expectation pervade the air as billions of people from all walks of life and nations eagerly await the fulfillment of their hopes as the day draws near. Preparations are in high gear, and miracles are already happening as millions globally prepare excitedly for the programmes by inviting people.

Taking Healing To The Nations

Daily healing outreaches using billions of free copies of Healing to the Nations Magazine are being carried out with countless healing centres set up to provide everyone easy access to the Healing Streams.

Road to Healing Streams Live Healing Services is a programme that chronicles the preparatory activities of nations, individuals, ministries, groups, and organisations and the resulting miracles wrought.

The programme airs daily on from October 14th to October 26th, 2023, at 12 noon and 4 PM GMT+1. Tune in daily to stir up your faith in preparation for your miracle as you watch inspiring moments and testimonies.

From deafness from both ears to total healing, Nelson Keren story

Nelson Keren, a martial artist from Canada, went deaf in his right ear due to multiple impacts on his head from years of martial arts training and fights. As a result, he developed Restless Limbs Syndrome, which causes his legs and arms to twitch uncontrollably, especially at bedtime.

His moment of deliverance came during a worship segment while participating in the programme at a healing centre near him. Nelson recounts, “I started feeling vibrations in my chest and heard strange sounds in my right ear. I wondered who was yelling in my ear and turned to my right to see the person beside me speaking in tongues, and that’s when I realised that I was hearing from my right ear. I sprung up and started jumping and praising God. I am so happy. Now, I can hear perfectly from both ears, sleep without aches or cramps, and do all I couldn’t do before.

Nelson’s testimony is a shining example of the transformative power of faith in God’s Word. By taking the first step of registering for the program, he was able to experience a positive change in his life. If you or someone you know is struggling with an illness, remember that God never intended us to suffer. Take action now and trust in His plan for your healing. At the July edition of the Live Healing Services, Pastor Deola Phillips, Director of the Healing School and organiser of the event, avowed, “Sickness is a thief of time, potential, energy, finance, and the future, but Jesus Christ came so that all may have and enjoy a disease-proof life.

Confirm your attendance and invite others to register at now. Registration is free and open to everyone.

Denise Akshar from Syria’s testimony is another striking foretaste of the power of God at work during the Live Healing Services. She had been suffering from lower back pain caused by spinal disc herniation for a long time, which made it difficult for her to stand or walk without assistance. This debilitating condition also affected her work and made it hard to care for her family. Despite trying various remedies and prescriptions suggested by doctors, the pain persisted, and the situation remained unchanged.

Hope bloomed in Denise’s heart when she heard of the programme through the ISM group for the Middle East and immediately registered. Her faith was rewarded during the Live Healing Services when Pastor Chris instructed everyone with spinal pain to place their hands where it hurt and then commanded healing to her body.

“I felt a soft touch on my lower back and knew that Lord Jesus had performed a miracle. I started jumping and screaming joyfully, moving a lot, and doing all I couldn’t do before until I was sure the miracle happened. Just like that, the severe pain was gone.” Denise recounts. Today, she is full of smiles, and life is full of endless possibilities. She runs, jumps, and cheerfully carries out her responsibilities to her family and at work.

Nelson and Denise participated in the programme from different continents. Yet, both received their desired miracles while connected to the service. Get ready; your time for a miracle is imminent. Sickness, disease, depression, autism, financial challenges, demonic attacks, and more have no choice but to flee when faced with the overwhelming healing love of God.

The Live Healing services begin at 3 PM GMT+1 daily and will air on Healing Streams TV, local TV and radio stations, and all Loveworld Networks. Make it a date with God.
For further information, please send an email to or call centers these numbers: +27799675852 (South Africa), +234(1)8885066 (Nigeria), +18327249390 (USA), +12896221634 (Canada), +44(0)3331880710 (UK), +919650096633 (Asia), +917794993762 (India).

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