Dawakin Tofa LG Boss Distributes Palliatives to 1,600 Indigents

Dawakin Tofa LG Boss Distributes Palliatives to 1,600 Indigents

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The Interim Caretaker Chairman of Dawakin Tofa Local Government, Dr. Kabiru Ibrahim Danguguwa, has allocated and distributed 1500 10-kilogram sacks of grains and 110 crates of spaghetti to those in need.

During the distribution, Dr. Danguguwa articulated that the primary aim of this initiative was to alleviate the hardships faced by individuals within the local government area.

He emphasized the importance of supporting the community, especially in light of the prevailing economic challenges affecting the livelihoods of the people.

Dr. Danguguwa expressed gratitude to the Dawakin Tofa business community and the Dawanau Market Association for their collaborative efforts in providing the necessary provisions.

Furthermore, he pledged to continue offering assistance to the residents with the combined support of both the state and local government authorities.

The distribution encompassed a variety of grains including millet, maize, beans, and locally produced pasta, in addition to crates of spaghetti.

The recipients expressed their appreciation for the aid received, acknowledging that it was the first instance of direct assistance from their government.

The Chairman of the provisions committee, who also serves as the Vice Caretaker Chairman of the local government, commended the Interim Chairman and his team for their dedication in organizing the distribution.

In conclusion, the provision of essential supplies has brought much-needed relief to the inhabitants of Dawakin Tofa, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the local government, businesses, and community.

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