Gov Abba seeks Ulamas’ help, Cautions against abusive Sermons

Gov Abba seeks Ulamas’ help, Cautions against abusive Sermons

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The Governor of Kano State, Engr Abba Yusuf Kabir has advised Ulamas in the state to shun Inflammatory comments and sermons in order not to over heat the polity.

The Governor made the call today during a stakeholders meeting with religious community at the popular African House, Kano State Government House.

According to him, religious leaders wield strong control over their followers and must not use such powers for selfish interests or cause disunity in the land.

He said, it is disturbing how some clerics have turn their pulpits to attacking grounds where they utter disturbing comments against people in Government.

“Back in the days, you hardly hear a Malam insulting or attacking any politician. It is expected of you to remind those in power of their responsibilities but you mustn’t do such in a way that can cause trouble.

“Your followers listen to you, it is important for you to bridge the gap between the politicians and the masses and avoid any comments capable of bringing unrest”.

“I want to assure you that my government remains committed to your well fare and we would ensure your allowances are paid promptly and henceforth through your personal accounts to avoid irregularities”, he added.

In the same vein, the Governor solicited the help of the Ulamas in the fight against moral decadence in the society.

Abba Kabir noted that, though the state has fought criminality amongst the youths by almost 95 percent since the inception of his government, a lot more needs to be done.

He charged the religious leaders to device means of preaching to the youths to shun crime and return to good ways for their personal progress and that of the state and nation at large.

The Governor, further warned that the state has partnered with relevant agencies in the fight against drug abuse and will do anything possible to rid the state markets of dangerous drugs.

He further added that, soon he will personally lead the destruction of confiscated hard drugs in the state to serve as deterrent to others who have hitherto supplied contraband drugs to Kano.

On his part, Sheik, Muhammad Nasir Adam, leader of the Ulamas’ forum said, Government and other authorities have religated them to the background.

He said, religious leaders must be carried along for a balanced relationship and not only call on them when prayers are needed.

Adam charged clerics to desist from using their sermons in sending messages to the people in power but rather, send them advices in written forms, officially and respectfully.

“We are worried that despite our influence the Government and other relevant authorities only call us for prayers. This must change for our collective progress”.

“I want to use this medium to call on my colleagues to stop sending messages to government and those in position of power and learn to do so through the proper channels”.

“Truly, it is disrespectful to call out someone in public and claim you are advising him, we must use proper channels to communicate to them and not in public spaces. The Prophet never did that and we must learn to do things the right way”, he said.

The Sheik assured the Government of their support and cooperation with the view to move the state forward.

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