Reps-Elect Agbese Faults Buhari’s Last-minute Appointments, Calls For Probe

Reps-Elect Agbese Faults Buhari’s Last-minute Appointments, Calls For Probe

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Chief Philip Agbese, a House of Reps member-elect, has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s last-minute appointments.

Speaking to newsmen over the weekend in Abuja, the All Progressives Congress stalwart called on the incoming administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to probe the flawed processes.

With few days to the end of his tenure, President Buhari has embarked on an appointment spree with no less than 10 new officials confirmed in the last week alone.

The President also approved the immediate resumption of the North East Development Commission’s (NEDC) board without confirmation by the Senate.

In reaction, Agbese said these appointments should have been left for the new administration to handle.

According to him, the last-minute jobs will only cause serious cracks in the civil service and potentially lead to looting and diversion of public funds.

Agbese noted that President Buhari is causing more damage for his successor, compounding the challenges that he had already created with speedy appointments without due progress.

The member-elect representing Ado, Okpokwu and Ogbadibo federal constituency said for instance the confirmation of the AGF was done without recourse to the rules and numerous petitions on ground against the process.

“I am worried by the current appointment spree by the president. It is on record that over 20 new appointments have been made since Bola Tinubu was declared President-Elect,” Agbese said.

“The recent confirmation of Toyin Madein to a sensitive position of the Accountant General of the Federation with just few days left to the end of this administration rises many questions. Why the rush? Are they hiding something?”

Quoting from Chapter 6 Part 1 Section 171 of the Constitution, Agbese admitted that the president holds certain powers to appoint and fire public officers.

He, however, said when it is done in a controversial manner, there would be serious cause for concern as in the case of the AGF.

“Even if we pardon the president for rushing to appoint Maiden, what about the latest declaration that the new NEDC board should resume work without confirmation by the Senate? The President has undermined the powers of the legislature, just as he has serially abused the judiciary.

“Again, why the rush? It is clear that the current government is deliberately building up obstacles and road blocks for Tinubu. They are giving room for chaos and huge vacuum in governance, potentially opening the doors for massive looting.

“We are aware that these appointments are nothing short of political compensation for loyalists and apparently has nothing to do with competence. At a time where Buhari would have at least left a legacy by cutting the cost of governance, he is dishing out appointments like admission.

“There is an even bigger problem; the illicit award of contracts worth over N3.7tn in the last two months. The incoming administration must probe these scandalous appointments and arrangements”.

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