“We Must Adopt Inclusive Governance for Steady Growth”-Wakilin Arewa

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The Wakilin Arewa, (Hakimin Dala) Sayyadi Muhammad Yola on Tuesday said, both the people and politicians must adopt the inclusive style of governance for speedy and steady growth.

According to him, in the past, only those elected into offices determine what happens and give no consideration to the real needs of their people which has resulted in wastage of public funds on useless projects.

“Before now, those elected into offices embark on projects that are not necessarily needed or not the priority their people.

After electing them, they become lords over the electorates and chose what should happen and what should not.

Under this new dispensation, the people must sit with those vying for political offices and present their immediate needs to serve as a guide to them while in office”, he added.

Yola who spoke at a Town Hall Meeting between State Assembly Candidates from Dala, Kano and stakeholders from the area, organized by Centre for Information Technology (CITAD) described the platform provided by CITAD as a remarkable one.

He said, despite only PRP’s Candidate being the only candidate present at the meeting, it is a right step at the right direction which will one day yield positive results.

The Senior Program Officer (CITAD), Isah Garba, said, the Centre in its quest towards promoting the development of democracy in the state provided the interface between the two for mutual understanding.

“Under this We-You Project funded by UK Aid through Action Aid Nigeria, the people of Dala have put together their major needs and presented it.

These needs are intended to serve as guide after elections when the elected candidate embarks on constituency projects.

On our parts, we would ensure they keep to their promise to work with the draft document presented to them which they have signed”.

Ali Rabiu Ali (Daddy) PRP state assembly candidate, Dala Constituency, Kano called on the people not to be intimidated by any party but vote only credible individuals who can protect their interest.

Ali noted that the demands of the people are many, but shall set up a committee of stakeholders through which urgent and more important needs would be tackled if he emerges winner in the forthcoming election.

He promised to be the servant of the people who listens to them and work hand in hand with them for the growth of Dala, Kano and Nigeria at large.

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