Why the Attempt to Sack Governor Abba’s Government (Through the Judicial Robbery) Is a Covert Plan Against Kwankwaso

Why the Attempt to Sack Governor Abba’s Government (Through the Judicial Robbery) Is a Covert Plan Against Kwankwaso

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By Sule Ya’u Tariwa

I actually see nothing bewilderingly surprising about the latest verdict of the Court of Appeal which indefensibly nullified the systematically-earned victory of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf in favor of the APC’s Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna. Because it was an expedient judgment that was ruled out to favor certain individuals.

First of all, one needs not be reminded of how the judiciary (which is considered the last hope of the common man) functions in Nigeria. That’s to say, any decision the JUDGES or the operators of the JUDICIARY take in—or about whatever case, should never be peeving to the subordinates.

It’s of course needless to further state how Abba Kabir Yusuf secured his victory in such a systematic, credible, free, and fair manner (election). But, since the day Governor Abba K. Yusuf started to implement mass-friendly policies, some oppressed Machiavellians embarked on a journey with different intricate plans to stumble him, on his way to restore the glory of Kano.

Regrettably, there are many evilly-coordinated conspiracies behind the judicial wrangle taking place which certain individuals syndicated to challenge the outcome of the Governorship Election of Kano State.

I have heard people (including some of the NNPP members) saying in a heartbreaking manner that, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso’s refusal to accept the offer (if at all proposed to him) to become of Tinibu’s cabinet is the reason why they are secretly drudging by all means to take away the government from NNPP in Kano, in a surreptitious attempt to frustrate Kwankwaso.

Well, the given opinion could be valid to some extent, but that’s not wholly why they want to sack the government of NNPP. In my view, the reason behind all that’s happening is beyond individual targets. And also, the reasons are many not one, of which I would explicitly explain hereunder.

One of the reasons why some of the oppressed political demagogues under APC are intensely hunting the victory of Abba and NNPP is “good governance”. They are fully aware that, Abba is so far rated as the best Governor in Nigeria. He is commendably serving people and implementing mass-friendly policies in his state, while the APC at the federal level has since coming to power failed to offer something tangible for Nigerians.

This, therefore, is probably why they became unhappily envious. Very well known to them, as long as Governor Abba Yusuf continues to win the hearts of the masses by providing efficient service to the people as a Governor of the giant Kano, while APC at Villa under Tinubu remains idle, it shall affect them. Because, people’s eyes will opened, to practically grasp the concept of governance. So they are scared of possibly being extorted and rejected by the Nigerians in 2027.

The second reason is Ganduje’s battle of political supremacy with Kwankwaso. It’s known that Ganduje has no dream in this world other than to come up with machination of any kind that may hinder Kwankwaso and his political career. That’s why, he has been conniving with the Tinubu (most susceptibly his cabinet) in Abuja to hogtie Madugu and bury him politically, which seemed very impossible.

These as briefly given, are some of the certain reasons behind all the endless tribulation going on in Kano. That’s why, they have been doing all they can to twist the courts and unlawfully seize the power from Governor Kabir Yusuf of NNPP.

Another bogglingly annoying thing is that both, the Tribunal and Appeal Courts are not even pretending to be fair in their ruled judgments. This is because the judiciary nowadays serves as a legally-authorized instrument made to cunningly protect and serve the interest of the oppressed class citizens.

Going back to the latest legally censurable verdict of the Appeal Court which claimed that Abba is not a certified member of NNPP, and thus he was ineligible to contest the election by referring to Chapter 4 Section 177 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended. Well, I am not a legal practitioner, but as someone who read and knows a bit about the Rule of Law, I must say that this judgment can not stand in the Supreme Court.

In early October, the Supreme Court resolved Peter Obi’s case, in which APC similarly accused him of not being a member of the Labour Party. However, the Supreme Court demonstrated that an external appellant doesn’t have the right to question the validity of a membership card of anyone. For this, it’s very obvious to catch sight of the intentionally-involved larceny of the Court of Appeal.

At last, I call on the concerned people of Kano (and even the other Patriots outside Kano who are perturbed by the judicial banditry in Kano) to continue to pray. But, I am saying in a rare manner of candor that, the unfairly delivered judgments of both the Tribunal and Appeal will be reviewed and invalidated if eventually the Supreme Court is guided by its established precedents.

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